On New Year’s Day 2004, Forest Lawn Mortuary was established as a full-service funeral home located on the grounds of Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Six and a half years later, Forest Lawn Mortuary was purchased by Jimmy Altmeyer, third generation funeral home owner, and renamed Forest Lawn Funeral Home.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, previously known as Grandview Memorial Gardens, was established in 1970 by a group of five local businessmen. The business was acquired in 1979 by Grandview Associates and named Forest Lawn Memorial Park in 1983.

In 1984, the cemetery owner, R. Shuford Edmisten, who had worked for Grandview Associates as General Manager for several years, purchased the cemetery.

In October 2021 Jimmy Altmeyer purchased the cemetery bringing the cemetery and funeral home under the same management.

Throughout the years, our commitment to serving the people of North Carolina with excellence and compassion has never wavered. With decades of experience, we deliver professionalism and honesty when you need it most.