Make your wishes known by preplanning with Forest Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park. At the time of death, it is best to be at home with family, not making arrangements at the funeral home.

We have staff solely dedicated to making sure your prearrangements are in order. Our professionals will walk you through the selection process and help you plan a personalized service. Knowing you planned the service will make it even more meaningful to those you leave behind.

Both your prearrangements and preneed contacts are transferrable to Forest Lawn from any funeral home in the country. Just call us and we can explain how to reassign your plans.

Do not delay arranging something so significant. Call Forest Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park today.

Matthew Gaddy - PrePlanning Director

Matthew Gaddy – PrePlanning Specialist

Why Preplan?
Making decisions now is the greatest gift you can give your loved ones.

By preplanning your funeral or cremation, you remove the added anxiety placed on your loved ones at the time of death. When loss occurs, family should be at home, comforting one another, not making arrangements at a funeral home.

Planning ahead gives you time to budget and determine how much you spend.

Preplanning saves money. The price of funeral goods and services continue to increase, by prepaying for your funeral, you lock in today’s costs. Your family will not be expected to pay a penny more at the time of death. Furthermore, prefunding prevents possible overspending because family and friends weren’t certain of your wishes.

Preplanning with prefunding assures your remembrance will be just as you wanted. Let your family and friends focus on honoring you and coping with loss. Preplan with Forest Lawn today.

Preplanning Checklist

At Forest Lawn, we believe planning ahead is extremely important. Whether you are making prearrangements for yourself or a loved one, the checklist below will make the process seamless. Now is the best time to make your final wishes known.

  • Vital Statistics (including)
    • Name of Father, place of birth, year
    • Mother’s Maiden Name, place of birth, year
    • Education – elementary, high school, college, graduate school
  • Social Security Number
  • Veteran Information
    • Military Service
    • Branch Rank
    • Date of Enlistment
    • Date of Discharge
    • Name(s) of war/conflict(s) toured
    • Serial Number
  • Affiliations
    • Fraternal, Service and Union Memberships
    • Special Recognitions
  • Persons to Contact
    • Children, Relatives and Friends to Notify
  • Funeral Preferences
    • Preferred Clergy/Celebrant
    • Names of Pallbearers and Honorary Pallbearers
    • Preferred Music, Bible Verses or Poetry
    • Preferred Clothing or Jewelry
    • Burial Property Information
    • Special Instructions
  • Location of Important Documents and Passwords

Preplan a Funeral
Trust the experts at Forest Lawn to guide you through the pre-planning process. We will explain the many services, memorialization, and merchandise options available and help you make the right selection for your needs and budget.

Saved loved ones from the pressure of making decisions for you during an already challenging time. Preplan with Forest Lawn and gain peace of mind knowing everything will be just as you wanted.

Preplan Cremation
There are a lot of decisions to make when planning cremation.

Do you want a service, viewing, or visitation? What form of final disposition do you prefer: Scattering, Burial, Permanent Possession?

Let our staff inform you of the many options available and help you determine the right decisions for your needs and budget. Preplan your cremation today with Forest Lawn.